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Theo[_2_] Yesterday 11:32 PM
Can anyone recommend a used parts network - the sites where you enter what you want and breaker yards send you offers? I've previously tried breakeryard.com - after the initial contact I got complete silence, followed by regular spam. They didn't send me any kind of 'well, it's been a week so it looks like nobody has one', which didn't inspire confidence. Are there any which are more likely to...
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RJH[_3_] December 7th 16 07:15 AM
Any recommendations for gloves? Google suggests these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0001VNZQY (Mechanix) as amongst the best. I can see that type of thing would be good if working outdoors, but that's a high price, and I can't see how they'd work on fiddly things. Also, washing oily gloves in a domestic washing machine?
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Ted H December 6th 16 06:01 PM
I have a Peugeot with an RT6 radio/satnav. It has a most peculiar problem in that it will warn when driving towards speed cameras on the right hand side of the road but is silent when driving towards it on the same side as the camera. Yes it is the one I hacked last week to enable postcodes to be entered but I can't for the life of me see how this would cause it. Looking around various...
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Tim Watts[_3_] December 4th 16 09:38 AM
Sorry if this is OT (not technically "maintenance") but all the web car forums are a dead loss IME. Does anyone have the Hyundai roof bars with a newish vehicle (say last few years)? And are they any good? In particular, are they quiet of left on?
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MrCheerful December 3rd 16 09:37 PM
C-tek battery sense. Sends a blutooth check of your battery condition to your smartphone, either if it gets low, or if you haven't checked for a week. Could be very handy for some people with a vehicle they don't use all the time, like motorhomes, summer cars, etc. about 40 quid http://www.ctek.com/gb/en/chargers/CTX%20BATTERY%20SENSE
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John Weale[_2_] December 1st 16 06:39 PM
Vauxhall Corsa C - 2001. The wife complained she was having problems with not enough lock on the steering. It was minus 5 frost that morning and she thought the steering might be frozen up! I said the low temperature shouldn’t make any difference but checked the steering and found only one and a half turns lock-to-lock. She borrowed my Focus to the shops and I had a look at the Corsa. I...
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jake November 28th 16 03:45 PM
Anyone suggest where to get decent screewash?. I see the supermarkets have their usual stuff - where they dilute it for you and charge the earth. This seems good - but a bit expensive perhaps http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Polygard-Non-Smear-Arctic-Screen-Wash-Concentrated-20C-25-Litre-/262498762364?hash=item3d1e253e7c:g:jDIAAOSw3YNXb6QA Just seen that' it's perfumed - no thanks
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Munch November 18th 16 05:04 PM
Been toying with the idea of getting one of these battery pack jumper thingies like this one on the Bay of Fleas: http://tinyurl.com/hzczdkp Any preferred brands? Does that one look like a good one? Are they worthwhile or just a 'toy' that doesn't work particularly well?
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[email protected] March 12th 15 04:50 PM
Hi I am looking for a radio code for a nissan micra 2003 Details Blaupunkt BP 234632512626 7642346318 Thanks in advance
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punk September 30th 12 06:36 PM
Does anybody know if there is any manufactures in China? Something akin to Caterham?
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