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mike Yesterday 01:44 PM
I'm trying to get the hoses of a VW Caddy Van so i can flush the heater matrix. http://tinypic.com/r/ofr7zm/9 The spring clips on the hoses themselves are tricky to get off but there are plastic fittings which join the hose to the heater pipe(s). So I thought to try and get them off instead (can always hope is easy). Anyway, I managed to remove the fitting clip
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Dan S. MacAbre[_4_] Yesterday 09:27 AM
It looks like the old 2003 Fiesta is good for another year. A few years ago, I decided to record the emissions readings. Not sure why, but there you go. I notice the CO and HC readings are slowly rising over the years. Does it mean anything? Just the cat slowly wearing out? If they even do? They're well within the limits, but I'm wondering if something needs looking at...
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Fredxxx August 22nd 16 07:58 PM
On a Mitsubishi L200 (pre 2006) the front brake pads incorporate Acoustic wear indicators. The existing pads have 2 with the indicators and two without. The PAGID part no 101 69 0258 identified for this vehicle has 3 standard pads and one with a wear indicator. This is intended and not a mistake. I would have said that the "quality" is not matched which current law demands. I guess there is...
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marpate1 August 21st 16 08:44 AM
Hi all, I replaced the battery on this a few months ago and over the past couple of days it's been sluggish to start and today it would only turn over a couple of times. So, either I have a duff battery or something is draining it. On opening the bonnet I'm greeted with a tone around 2.4kHz from behind the engine I think. Any idea what this could be and whether related? Any other ideas what...
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T i m August 20th 16 08:31 PM
Hi all, A while ago now I heard the odd short squeal / chirrup as I let the clutch up between gear changes (often just say first into second and or third and typically from cold). That seemed to have gone away but now it seems that as you let the clutch up as you were changing up whilst getting a move on it feels as if the revs are sliding down till they matched the road speed, rather than...
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Andy Cap[_7_] August 19th 16 08:01 PM
I've use it from time to time, to spruce them up but the guy in National tyres today, made the comment that it rots the rubber. I've never noticed a problem. Is there any truth in it or it it BS? Andy C
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Harry Bloomfield[_3_] August 19th 16 03:42 PM
For the first time ever this year, in my driving career - I had a breakdown I was unable to resolve my self at the roadside and I had to use my breakdown cover. The breakdown service were as I expected, also unable to fix it and I had to be recovered. It set me thinking - do the breakdown cover companies get any sort of money from the garage which recovers you, if the client has to pay for...
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Dan S. MacAbre[_4_] August 17th 16 12:11 PM
Hard to describe this really. I don't think the dampers have gone, because it's not exactly bouncing around excessively. We've plenty of speed bumps around here, and it seems to handle them okay. But it just seems like you can almost feel the road surface. I'm sure it used to be smoother than this. Is it some of those rubber bushes down at the front end?
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Ramsman August 16th 16 11:01 AM
I've tried twice to reply to the original thread, but nothing appeared. What I was trying to say is that I've used the Professional Glue from Hafixs with great success. It seems to stick almost anything to almost anything and helps maintain my reputation for "Grandpa fix it". It seems to be basically a cyanoacrylate with additives. See http://www.hafixs.co.uk/ -- Peter
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T i m August 16th 16 09:38 AM
Hi all, A lad I help now and again with his (80k) 1.4 Polo just sent me this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5772409/Polo%209n3%201.4%20petrol%202009.jpg He says it only misfires / brings up the EML under moderate to heavy acceleration and if you back off it runs ok. He changed the oil / filter a month ago and the air filter a week ago
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Ramsman August 16th 16 08:52 AM
but I've replied twice to a thread here, and neither has appeared. -- Peter
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Berty Blenkinsop August 15th 16 11:08 PM
Does DVLA keep a record of what vehicles I have owned? I am not talking of finding current owner I.e if they key in 'Blenkinsop B' will it tell them what cars I have owned over the years and if so how long back would such a record go?
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Lobster August 15th 16 07:23 PM
Bit odd, this. I'm assisting my elderly ma in renewing her car insurance - she's one of these that the industry loves; ie she just autorenews each year. So this time I've persuaded her of the benefits of shopping around for quotes first. Her renewal quote, from a household name, was 437 (full NCD), and included all sorts of optional add-on ****e like legal cover, key cover, misfuelling cover...
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John[_32_] August 14th 16 02:03 PM
Can anyone recommend a good strong glue that isn't a liquid? I need to put it on a vertical surface but obviously don't want to have it all dribble down. I have no faith in Superglue - the only thing I've ever seen it stick is skin! It's actually to mount my LPG control switch in position in the car. They're self-adhesive but for some reason this just won't stay stuck on. You can see what...
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Bill[_9_] August 12th 16 06:18 PM
Son's BMW will be in the garage having its head gasket done at last. In the meantime he has acquired a 2004 1.6 petrol Focus and left it here for me to get my local garage to do the clutch and the timing belt. The clutch is done but apparently the crankshaft bolt refused to budge even with the heaviest Snapon bodger, and now the bolt has a rounded head. Any advice about what to do or where...
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John[_32_] August 11th 16 01:04 PM
Looking to change the automatic transmission fluid on my 2005 Lexus RX300 and the Owner's Handbook lists the capacity as 3.5 litres for a drain and refill. I'm assuming that that figure doesn't include the fluid that would be in the torque converter, so my question comes in two parts: 1. if doing a full change, does anyone know what quantity is required? 2. Is it better to do a full change...
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T i m August 5th 16 11:01 AM
Hi all, A family member has said 100K+ mile Avensis that whist cost little (400 quid), has cost a few quid in parts along the way (battery, exhaust (500), n/s/r damper (400), tyres and so on. The Ibiza has come up cheap via a mate that has done 50K, single, local lady owner from new, full MOT, everything works (inc a/c) etc etc.
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punk September 30th 12 05:36 PM
Does anybody know if there is any manufactures in China? Something akin to Caterham?
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