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Harry Bloomfield[_3_] Yesterday 01:07 PM
Not my car, but a friend of mine. He suffered a flat battery and has lost the code. Someone on here offered free codes a while back, is that person still around please? I'll get more details, when I am told what details might be needed.
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T i m January 17th 17 02:13 PM
Hi all, Just a quick question to see if there are any 'known issues' with the heaters on a Nissan Note, before I have a look at one for someone please? It's a disability car my Mrs drives with / for a disabled person sometimes but her son took her out in it the other day and they reported there was no heat from the heater?
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Fredxxx January 17th 17 01:58 AM
Ford Transit 2006 2.4 Durotorq engine Started van and noted the red battery light stayed illuminated. Got home and whilst the engine was running, and without stopping and restarting, measured battery voltage. It was 14.4V indicating that it was being charged. Turned off engine so I could look under the bonnet to make sure nothing
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[email protected] January 16th 17 08:48 PM
On Monday, 1 April 2002 21:49:00 UTC+13, Gareth Bowdler wrote: G'day , OK, my good mate has a 1953 Ford Mainline Ute, now hanging off the exhaust manifold (on the left hand manifold only when viewed from the front with bonnet up) is this . . .umm thing. It screws into the exhaust manifold with a pipe about 5/16" bore and about 12" long , on the end of the pipe is a thing about...
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alan_m January 15th 17 05:20 PM
Ford Focus Mk1 2001 1.6 Petrol UK model My car usually starts on the first turn of the key but just before Christmas I found that when left in the cold (freezing weather) for more than 4 hours on the first turn of the key the car would not start. It would take 3 to 6 on/off sequences and even then the engine would sometimes behave if was short of fuel and attempt to stall if the foot wasn't...
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john.west January 12th 17 06:34 PM
Lidle are doing a special offer Battery and Alternator tester. I understand their stuff is good, but can this be a real piece of useful kit for just £2.99 ? http://www.lidl.co.uk/en/our-offers-2491.htm?id=1044
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Tim Watts[_3_] January 12th 17 12:23 PM
Hi, Asking this for my mate who doesn't know about USENET :) His 2004 Meriva has just started stalling. It can happen once in a journey or dozens of times. Engine restarts fine. If driven on and off the clutch (ie dipping the clutch periodically) it seems to get by.
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Tim Watts[_3_] January 12th 17 11:18 AM
Am I right in thinking that the concept of "road legal" only applies to exterior lamps on a vehicle? I might be replacing the boot light with an LED festoon equivalent, ditto one or two other interior lamps. Just noticed the Philips and Osram LED bulbs are marked as "not road legal" so hence the question... And the insurers don't care (I did check) provided they don't contravene
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Stephen January 10th 17 08:21 PM
Hello, My 60 plate Mondeo failed its MOT, which I was not expecting. The garage said that the car failed because the headlights were not aligned and the wipers were smearing. It also had an advisory that one of the exhaust brackets was broken. This was at an independent garage that I had not used before. I bought
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john.west January 9th 17 10:44 AM
Sat Navs typically have say a 5 inch screen, but i can buy a *ten* inch Phablet (a tablet which can take a phone sim card) for 60 or 70 pounds on Amazon. Then get a free Navigation Android App. (like Sygic, or i dont yet know which of the many is the best one). Since HWMBO can manage the phablet from the passenger seat is there any disadvantage in doing it this way, rather than buy the...
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Graham T January 6th 17 08:30 PM
The new Bentley will do 209 MPH. Why the **** allow something like this on the road? http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/revealed-new-210k-bentley-comes-with-top-speed-209mph/story-30036726-detail/story.html
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[email protected] January 3rd 17 04:35 PM
Hi. Help me, please. Opel Omega, Philips CAR2004(E) 09 146 055 s/n GM0204X1005534
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T i m December 30th 16 01:46 PM
Hi all, I bought a pair of new wiper blades yesterday and apparently the reg lookup database suggested a 2004 Meriva 1.6 'Life' takes a 22 and 24" blades (on the front), so that's what we were given. When I went to replace them I noticed the old blades were both 24" (and had worked fine for years) and that's also what most on-line suppliers seem to suggest?
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alan February 10th 14 07:48 PM
Ford Focus 1.6, 2001, Mk1 in the UK When the engine is cold the car will start on the first turn of the key everytime. When running there are no problems at all, idle is smooth as well is the acceleration or travelling in any gear. There is nothing wrong with the battery its heavy duty and around a year old and the engine turns over okay. If the car is stopped after 2 minutes or 30...
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Lobster September 12th 09 09:07 AM
I've just bought a 2-year old Nissan Note from a car supermarket, and as it has a 30-day (apparently unconditional) warranty I'm anxious to sort out any teething problems pronto! The car has an annoying problem with the windows getting steamed up inside. I know from experience with previous vehicles that this is often caused by leaks/residual damp inside the car, but I'm fairly sure that's...
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Tim S Kemp August 6th 04 07:50 PM
just andy wrote: Bloody thing's just disappeared completely - started the engine and there's just a blank space where the numbers should be. Any ideas? andy Probably the backlight. -- surely you understand the fundamental questionability of Pre-Crime methodology
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punk September 30th 12 06:36 PM
Does anybody know if there is any manufactures in China? Something akin to Caterham?
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