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Gordon H[_3_] Today 03:19 PM
I found myself following one on my way to pick up a friend. How rare are they nowadays? -- Gordon H Remove Invalid to reply
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Dave Plowman (News) September 22nd 16 03:37 PM
Having recently got a car with a fabric soft top, do I really need to pay 20 quid for a kit to clean it with safely? -- *(on a baby-size shirt) "Party -- my crib -- two a.m Dave Plowman London SW To e-mail, change noise into sound.
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Stephen September 21st 16 06:10 PM
Hello, I am going to change my rear brake pads and brake discs on my 60 plate Mondeo, when I get a dry day. I've noticed that the rear pads are worn and the disc is slightly scored on the offside wheel but the pad material is much thicker on the nearside wheel. Why would this be? Because the disc is scored, I will change it this time. What is the
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[email protected] September 21st 16 12:47 PM
Could you find me the code for nissan note radio CL081870012603 or PN3000PA0012603 Thanks Joe T
1 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Imamraza September 17th 16 03:18 PM
Car kia sedona 2003, diesel manual. It not going more than 2.5 or 2500 RPM, even full acceleration on fift gear. Also glow plug light is flashing. I changed oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter as well, but problem is still there. -- for full context, visit http://www.motorsforum.com/maintenance-uk/kia-sedona-rpm-187130-.htm
7 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Berty Blenkinsop September 16th 16 05:06 PM
Here's one you might find amusing or say how can he be so bloody stupid. I drive a diesel car and it usually returns around 50-55MPG. Over the last week or so the MPG dropped alarmingly and was eventually down to 40MPG. I had a read and noted that fuel make seems to get a lot of blame for problems like this so tried three different makes of diesel but none brought back the MPG that I was used...
36 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
[email protected] September 12th 16 02:19 PM
Plse help me retrieve my radio code after changing my car battery the numbers on the radio are BP 234621250511 and 7642346318 thank u the car is nissan micra 2002 model
3 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Tim+[_4_] September 11th 16 05:41 PM
Any suggestions as to whether this kind of thing is repairable? https://www.dropbox.com/s/watv54zzxeacxgp/08Jazz_wing_mirror.jpeg?dl=1 Knocked off by a scrote in Glasgow. :-( Daughter's car. Rather not spend more than necessary considering that it's going to have to go back to Glasgow. Tim
13 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Tim Watts[_3_] September 5th 16 10:26 AM
Hi, Does anywhere make (or supply and fit) really nice bump guard trim? I've been on Google all morning and have only come up with the basic self fit Halfords/ebay/Amazon strip. I'm looking for a 0.5-1cm thick nicely styled rubber (or soft plastic) trim that I can fit or get fitted to a new car to deal with all the dings from other doors in car parks. But I'd like it to be permanent and
13 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Andy Cap[_7_] August 19th 16 08:01 PM
I've use it from time to time, to spruce them up but the guy in National tyres today, made the comment that it rots the rubber. I've never noticed a problem. Is there any truth in it or it it BS? Andy C
31 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Andy Hardy July 23rd 08 11:20 PM
Recently bought an 07 Focus, still waiting for dealer to forward manuals... We want to power the GPS from the power socket under the radio, but it doesn't seem to work. Is there a hidden button/special plug required? Managed to open the bonnet (vague memories of fiddling with Ford badges helped here!) to check the fuse box, all seemed well but without the manuals I was just looking for a broke...
26 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Pinman November 12th 07 01:42 PM
Are there any 'everyday' cars manufactured in recent years that don't use cambelts - or if they do use one, have a 'non-interference' engine design ? Thanks for any replies.
67 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
[email protected] May 10th 04 10:03 AM
Hi, How long should track rod ends last, typically? The reason that I am asking is that my Audi A6 has just failed its MOT test on excessive play on a track rod end. The car failed its MOT on the very same item only one year ago and the garage replaced it. Given that the car has only covered about 6000 miles since then and it always driven on roads is this reasonable?
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punk September 30th 12 05:36 PM
Does anybody know if there is any manufactures in China? Something akin to Caterham?
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