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David[_12_] Yesterday 04:28 PM
I'm looking for a towing vehicle for a large caravan; around 2,000kg MAM. There are some obvious contenders such as Land/Range Rovers, pick-up trucks and the like but there are also a range of large powerful vehicles such as people carriers and estate cars. BMW X5 and Mercedes M Series look plusher options. To work out which cars are suitable, I need some key weights. (1) Maximum towing...
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Adrian Caspersz October 24th 16 01:34 PM
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Delorean-DMC-12-/282226812824 Low mileage Import with a Manual box. *want* -- Adrian C
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Arfa Daily[_2_] October 21st 16 01:41 PM
Astra Estate 1.9 CDTI, 55 plate, Jan 2006. Went out in it today, and it drove no problem to my first stop.It was switched off for about ten minutes and re-started ok. Drove to next stop about 2 miles away no problem. Picked up a sandwich and restarted the engine. Left it running while I ate the sandwich - probably ten minutes. Drove to next stop about a mile away, and it was just fine. It...
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David[_12_] October 19th 16 02:17 PM
Looking at the specs for the VW T5 I see a 2.5 TDI PD engine with two different power outputs - 131 PS and 174 PS (quite a difference). Anyone know if this is just a remap at the factory, and if so can a similar performance gain be achieved by an after market remap? Cheers Dave R
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[email protected][_2_] October 18th 16 11:31 AM
On Tuesday, January 18, 2000 at 8:00:00 AM UTC, Andy B wrote: Anyone know of a plastic welders in the Surrey or West London area?? My front bumper is a little worse for wear after my pre-christmas spin and hedge visit. It's not wrecked, but the lower part is split and the tow eye cover keeps falling out because of it. Also, the undertray of the engine bay was destroyed and needs...
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WhatAPrat October 17th 16 06:25 PM
The following list are direct links to this idiots postings as accessed though google groups. If you are annoyed by this fools digging up of old threads to spam usenet then ... 1) Do nought. Others may have done enough. 2) Click a link (or as many as you like), choose "more actions" from the drop down and click the "Report Abuse" link.
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[email protected][_2_] October 17th 16 02:55 PM
On Saturday, July 20, 2002 at 10:38:18 AM UTC+1, Michael Rixon wrote: Hi all, I have a Omega 2.5 vs auto Nreg,and I was wondering if there was any sites that sale second hand parts ect? cheers Mike --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.grisoft.com). Version: 6.0.377 / Virus Database: 211 - Release Date: 15/07/2002
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[email protected][_2_] October 17th 16 10:54 AM
On Monday, January 25, 1999 at 8:00:00 AM UTC, John Law wrote: Hello fellow Carlton lovers ... anyone know anything about the "air flow meter" on a 2000 CDi (G reg)? The garage has just phoned me to say it's failed its MOT because of its CO emissions, and put it down to this gizmo. They then say a new one might cost "100, ... 200 pounds" (cue sharp intake of breath, followed...
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Stephen October 17th 16 07:03 AM
Hello, I need to change the rear brake pads on my 60 plate 2 litre diesel Mondeo. I see there are a number of different makes available, so I started googling to find out which, if any, is best but the more I read, the more contradictory and confusing things become. For example, one web site said Brembo is a good make but another says that just because they make good brakes for racing cars,...
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Boyce195 October 15th 16 07:45 PM
Hi Does anyone have the code for my Discovery fitted with a Becker Model BE 4765 Serial 35016052 Bar code *4765LM035016052* Thanks for any help Cheers
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Gordon H[_3_] October 15th 16 10:29 AM
Driving home after an evening out, I became aware of the dreaded bump/bump/bump, at road wheel cadence. Stopped, looked briefly round circumference of tyres, then drove the 3 miles home to a slightly decreasing bumping. My guess was that I'd picked up something unpleasant, supported by the occasional noise of something gritty hitting the wheel arches. Jacked up the main suspect, offside...
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JB October 14th 16 08:00 AM
I'm out of touch with which makes and models are deemed to be best in terms of reliability and general cost of ownership as have had company vans for years. My wife's needs a fairly new smallish auto 4 or 5 door with automatic transmission. Preferably petrol as she doesn't do many miles. Budget ~6-7k. Thinking of a Ford B-Max or Focus or even Golf or other VAG equivalents. Maybe Japanese,...
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loops2902 October 7th 16 03:18 AM
I have a Ford Fiesta Zebec Climate 1.25 (55 plate) and for the last 3 weeks the car will start ok from cold but when its warm and I try to start the car, it won't start. It tries to turn over and there is a clicking from the glove box area but won't go and then comes up with a message saying EAC Fail. I took it to a garage who thought it was the crank shaft sensor and replaced it (it wasn't...
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johannes October 2nd 16 01:41 PM
SUV is said to becoming the norm. Given that I don't need 4WD and indeed many are FWD. Given that I don't need off-road, and indeed many don't have traction controlls, then why? Is the ride better because of elevated suspension? But then air suspension systems are even better. Is the engine noise better insulated as the engine and wheels are further down?
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Stephen September 21st 16 06:10 PM
Hello, I am going to change my rear brake pads and brake discs on my 60 plate Mondeo, when I get a dry day. I've noticed that the rear pads are worn and the disc is slightly scored on the offside wheel but the pad material is much thicker on the nearside wheel. Why would this be? Because the disc is scored, I will change it this time. What is the
13 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Andy Cap[_7_] August 19th 16 08:01 PM
I've use it from time to time, to spruce them up but the guy in National tyres today, made the comment that it rots the rubber. I've never noticed a problem. Is there any truth in it or it it BS? Andy C
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[email protected] March 12th 15 03:50 PM
Hi I am looking for a radio code for a nissan micra 2003 Details Blaupunkt BP 234632512626 7642346318 Thanks in advance
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edwin December 4th 13 01:32 PM
Hello all, Have looked for earlier posting regarding this problem, but problem has allready become quite specific. My 1999 Space Star won't shift into reverse any more. Selecting reverse here is pulling a knob and going to the left and upwards next to 1st gear. Even when pulling this knob on the gear shift stick and going beyond the lateral movement for 1st gear, the gearbox always selects 1st...
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asahartz January 9th 10 03:07 PM
My daughter's 04 plate C2 has the battery light flashing. Handbook says "take it to a Citroen dealer" - but of course she's 100 miles away and they're all shut until Monday! My professional mechanic friend (ex-AA) has looked at the car, fitted a new alternator, but it's still doing it - and it's intermittent. He doesn't know what's causing it now. Anyone any experience of this? --
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punk September 30th 12 05:36 PM
Does anybody know if there is any manufactures in China? Something akin to Caterham?
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