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TheChief October 24th 18 05:59 AM
Hi Guys I have a 2015 petrol ecoboost 1,5l Focus that has just started displaying the message above. Anyone know how the car knows this? Is it simply a timer since the last reset, or is there a viscosity sensor or similar? I could believe this is a timer as it is pretty near a year since
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Tim+[_4_] October 24th 18 05:57 AM
Just idle curiosity but I was helping clean up rubbish on a new costal path and picked up this. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WOoiJQ0K1Cxb27kC2 My guess is Austin 1100. Any other thoughts? Tim --
3 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Tim+[_4_] October 24th 18 05:57 AM
It's not offer I have an opportunity to fix anything on cars these days but my daughter came around with her old VW T4 transporter today to ask me to show her how to change tyres on her bike (that she'd brought with her). Unfortunately she'd forgotten the new tyres so that job never got off the ground but in passing she mentioned that the van had lost 5th gear. I thought this could be...
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FMurtz October 18th 18 12:47 PM
I started an argument because I said that part of the fun driving 1970 minis was because I thought the bum was closer to the ground which was disputed so if any one has a mini and a bit of time to waste could they measure seat to ground to settle argument or prove me wrong? :)
18 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
AJH October 16th 18 04:37 PM
I've been helping someone get an elderly Toyota pick up through the MOT, one failure is two steel brake pipes which run from the front to a load proportioning valve at the rear. They are only corroded at the rear immediately adjacent to the valve and look like a right pig to fit as they run over the fuel tank. Is it allowable to cut out the corroded section , fit a joint to a short...
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Cursitor Doom October 13th 18 12:38 PM
Has anyone a recommendation for such a product? Since swapping over ECUs in one of the diesel Land Rovers, the engine has been noticeably noisier which I put down to a touch of pinking. Ideally I'd get the software tweaked in the new ECU but that's not poss right now I just need a temporary fix until such time as I can get it hooked up to a compatible interface. Any suggestions?
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johannes October 9th 18 06:35 PM
It was crawling traffic into the town centre. I was behind a mini Countryman when an articulated lorry wanted to change lane before a roundabout The lorry driver indicated, but obviously didn't see the mini as it was just along his cab, too far ahead to act on his signalling. As a result, the lorry nudged the mini to such an extent that the left side wheels were both lifted. The mini then pulled...
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[email protected] October 9th 18 11:34 AM
GLOBAL SMART HOME MARKET was valued at USD 59.57 Billion in the year 2017. https://genesismarketinsights.com/Sample_Request/GENRE132 Schneider Electric Se (France), General Electric Company (US), Siemens AG (Germany), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (South Korea), ABB Ltd. (Switzerland), Legrand S.A (France) are some of the key players in the Smart Home Market with General Electric Company...
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Brian Reay[_4_] October 8th 18 09:36 PM
On the way home from a day out and only a few hundred yards from home today, I noticed a small hatch back by the side of the road with smoke spewing out of the bonnet. The lady driver as looking somewhat worried so I pulled over. I checked for flames, none as far as I could tell, bonnet wasn't unduly warm, so I decided there was no fire. I asked if she was happy for me to open the bonnet...
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[email protected] October 8th 18 08:16 AM
بتاريخ السبت، 24 مارس، 2018 2:36:14 م UTC+3، كتب : Hi, I need this book:Solution Manual Elasticity in Engineering Mechanics (3rd Ed., Boresi, Chong, Lee). Can you send me it's pdf file? Thanks.
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[email protected] October 6th 18 08:53 PM
Hi, Can anyone recommend a machine around north west kent to get a head skimmed. Cheers Jim
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issey October 4th 18 12:18 PM
Hi, Just asking for some advise on this car please, I am buying one on the week end a 2005 only 34K miles with 12 month warranty, I love the look of the car, but reading about the roof issues, now a little worried, should I buy one or not?? -- for full context, visit https://www.motorsforum.com/maintenance-uk/207cc-195382-.htm
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Brian Reay[_4_] September 30th 18 01:09 PM
I popped into Lidl today to buy some Duck Breasts (not easy to find and the Lidl ones are very good). While there, I noticed they had some 'Smart' Battery Chargers- they look like copies of the CTEK ones, similar to those sold by Aldi now and then (I have one of those). For £13, they seemed a good buy and my Eldest daughter doesn't have a battery charger, £13 is worth it to save the hassle...
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johannes September 18th 18 08:14 PM
So today when going in the outer lane, I noticed a new Volvo SUV in the middle lane to my left, the door mirror had small orange light at the top corner. the orange light would go on and off. At first I thought that it was the indicator, but none of the other indicators were signalling. As it looked like a quite new volvo SUV, suddlenly it dawned on me that it must have been a blind spot...
8 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Brian Reay[_4_] September 18th 18 08:10 AM
The Fiat version of automatic transmission for vans (motorhome base vehicles) seems to be 'Comfortmatic'. In the past, I've steered (no pun intended) away from autos but having converted by default due to buying cars which came with auto or auto like systems, I'm thinking I may well go automatic when we replace the motorhome. Can anyone give any background on the Comfortmatic? Why is it...
11 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
[email protected] September 15th 18 09:12 PM
My polo has no power and over revs when I change gear also slow acceleration
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[email protected] September 14th 18 11:07 AM
I got a fuel check valve (with AN threads) and 2 barb adapters. The fittings have matching cone shapes. I don't know if that will seal when the adapters are screwed on tight. The fuel pressure is about 350 kPa. Would you put on something like Loxeal thread sealer, or a fuel-resistant o-ring?
2 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
[email protected] September 13th 18 07:14 PM
2004 Ford Focus Mk1 1.6 L Petrol Similar problem to the recent thread about the Renault Megane Driving normally when the engine warning light came on, made a couple of re-starts before driving home. Left overnight then engine would not start on main or spare key. All keys unlock and lock doors normally with fob or by turning lock. Engine warning light stays on and red LED described as Anti-theft...
22 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
[email protected] September 10th 18 03:44 PM
So I was away for a week and since I've come back the car seems to stutter as I move through gears. I have to rev higher and higher to keep the driving smooth. There is also a loss of power if you drop speed when getting going from first. Does this sound the clutch is on the way out? I read something else that said it could be spark plugs? I'm hoping its the second as this is something I...
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[email protected] September 9th 18 08:33 PM
Hey, I need Solution manual Contemporary Engineering Economics (6th Ed., Chan Park) Please! Thanks
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Dave Plowman (News) September 8th 18 01:21 PM
Put the old Rover into a local long established family run garage. Have used them before some time ago, and OK. Needed a brake pipe on the rear axle replaced as it was rusty. And the flexible to it. And the handbrake cable replaced, as it was near the end of its adjustment. Too much effort at my age to get the whole car in the air to get at them. Had asked before if they'd fit my new parts which...
0 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
T i m September 8th 18 12:08 AM
H all, I understand conventional brake fluid is (and is intended to be) hygroscopic, that it absorbs water and am I right in thinking that if over time it absorbs enough water, that could cause damage (corrosion) to the inner surfaces of the system? eg, I think I the rear brake cylinders on my Morris Minor leaking and when I stripped them down, found the dust covers to be ok but there was heavy...
48 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Chris J Dixon September 4th 18 07:28 AM
As my Mondeo approaches its 9th birthday I am wondering about replacing it with something a couple of years old before it becomes a distress purchase. I want an automatic, need to be able to tow the caravan and want comfortable motorway travel. I only do about 5,000 miles a year. I am a creature of habit - two Volvo 240s lasted me for 20 years between them, and two Mondeos another 15 so far. Do...
32 uk.rec.cars.misc (General Car Discussions)
AJH August 27th 18 02:53 PM
I've been idly looking at Ford's petrol direct injection engines and see a number of comments that generally direct injection engines suffer from inlet valve fouling as the petrol droplets no longer clean the manifold side of the valve of vapour deposits from the engine breather and oil sucked from the turbo charger. Why do diesels (which are all direct injection) suffer the same? AJH
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Tim+[_4_] August 24th 18 06:29 AM
The designers of the new Kalashnokov electric car clearly didn’t feel the need to be too innovative. https://goo.gl/images/Lc2G54 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45292028 Tim
6 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Andrew[_6_] August 23rd 18 06:41 PM
This seems to appear on the list of itemised work done on three garages that I have used in recent years. Neighbour who used to have his own backstreet car repair and MOT business just smirked, and said that it's how you sting the punter for another £10 for doing nothing. Has anyone else noticed this on their garage invoice ?. Andrew
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Dan S. MacAbre[_4_] August 18th 18 03:16 PM
The missus has just noticed (while I had the bonnet up, changing the front spring :-)) that the coolant level in her Volvo is nearer to the 'min' mark than it is to the 'max' mark. Not something I'd normally worry about, but now she wants to go and buy a big bottle of that purple collant for it. The thing is, I still have lots of the red stuff I got a couple of years ago for my old Fiesta....
16 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Dan S. MacAbre[_4_] August 14th 18 09:46 AM
The missus 2014 Volvo V40 has just failed on a broken nearside front spring. I think I'll be able to replace it okay (although Haynes haven't produced a manual yet, so I'm not 100% sure), but I'm just wondering how long it has been like that. We don't remember any bangs, so it's possible it has been like that for a while. It isn't easy to see, up in its recess, so I can imagine that it...
27 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
thescullster August 13th 18 12:44 PM
Hi all Does anyone know where I can find the scope for a 3 year service on a Ford Focus please? The car is 1.5 ecoboost estate titanium spec.and is approaching 3 years old (although mileage is only 20k). If I know what should be replaced after 3 years "average" use, I can make a judgement on mine taking the mileage into account perhaps.
5 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
harish agarwal August 10th 18 05:54 AM
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[email protected] August 8th 18 09:39 PM
List of Solutions Manuals and Test Banks ________________________________________ contact to : mattosbw1(at)gmail.com
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[email protected] August 8th 18 09:38 PM
List of Solutions Manuals and Test Banks ________________________________________ contact to : mattosbw1(at)gmail.com
0 uk.rec.cars.4x4 (4 Wheel Drive Vehicles)
[email protected] August 8th 18 09:38 PM
List of Solutions Manuals and Test Banks ________________________________________ contact me at : mattosbw1(at)gmail.com
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Brian Reay[_4_] August 5th 18 01:15 PM
You may recall, I asked about emission checks on hybrids and you suggested that by turning on 'everything electric' you could force the petrol engine to start. Having tried this with the batteries both fully and about 1/4 charged on our Outlander, it doesn't cause the engine to start. (All lights on, heater (not fun at the moment!), radio, etc.) You can force the engine to start if the...
15 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
GB August 4th 18 03:06 PM
Volvo C70 mk 2 2006 - changing rear brake pads. The last time I changed brake pads was about 40 years ago on my MGB, and things seem more complicated now. I've got the wheel and caliper off, but I apparently need a brake caliper rewind tool - on order, and I'll collect it tomorrow. Can folks please confirm that I can't just push the caliper back with a G clamp?
14 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Cursitor Doom August 4th 18 11:45 AM
Gentlemen, A few months ago I noticed one of my cars had taken a hit from a passing bird. I wasn't bothered at the time as I'd expected it not to cause any damage and the rain would soon wash it off anyway. I can't spend every minute of the day keeping all my cars spotless as I'd never get any work done. Anyhow, I was doing other things and didn't really pick up on the fact that the rain...
10 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Fredxx[_2_] August 3rd 18 05:37 PM
One of the struts for this canopy has failed so trying to get a replacement. The ball fitting in to the strut is a nominal 8mm diameter, but when I look on places like eBay they provide fitments like "aa" and "a3a3". I have searched in vain what these letters signify and drawn a blank. Does anyone have a definitive reference to these letters and numbers?
5 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
johannes July 24th 18 06:38 PM
Is a supermarkey forecourt a highway or is it a curtilage? I'm asking because I narrowly espaped being run down in the supermaket 'land'. A car came straigt at me at speed while I was walking across at normal pace, the driver not taking any notice or slowing down because of my presence. I know there are sometimes striped crossings which you can use, but thought these were for convenience for...
2 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Brian Reay[_4_] July 24th 18 01:02 PM
I think, from your posts / expertise you are 'in the trade' and may even do MOTs. I'm curious, how do the test the 'handbrake' on cars with electronic, push button ones. Also, what about cars (like the Outlander PHEV) which don't even have that- just a P button and a 'Hold' button (this stops 'creep', when you select it the car won't creep forward etc after you've stopped at, say, traffic...
47 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
MrCheerful July 24th 18 06:43 AM
another dropped handlebar mystery? http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/16371918.cwmcarn-paragon-cyclist-faces-life-changing-injuries-after-collision/
10 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Dave Plowman (News) July 19th 18 02:16 PM
The steel brake pipe running across the rigid rear axle on the old car needs replacing. It is clipped to the axle casing using a sort of soft steel clamp - a sort of cross between a jubilee clip and a zip tie. Had to cut them off due to rust, and they are NLA - or rather about a tenner each for those who are willing to pay silly money. I've made the new pipe from Kunifer which is more easy to...
10 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
olliemurf July 18th 18 11:03 AM
Hi, I was thinking of buying the above car until I discovered the timing belt has not been done ever. Are there any symptoms I could look out for as in possible engine damage already inflicted on it? If I buy it, i would obviously do the timing belt etc etc but is there anything else I should check beyond the usual "it runs good". Thanks
5 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
T i m July 17th 18 01:10 PM
Hi all, I was talking to a mate earlier who saw on the web somewhere about not using the likes of copper grease on the sliding parts of (disk) brake assemblies, like where the pad slides in the caliper etc? The reason given was that the brake dust mixes with the grease and forms a hard material that then resists the free movement of the pad? I have typically added a small smear of copper...
20 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
alan_m July 16th 18 11:59 PM
I've updated the sync3 software in my 2017 UK Focus. Here are some notes that may help if you are in a similar situation. This is for UK versions and not for other countries where the update process is different. The latest Sync 3 in the UK seems to be Version 3 and it appears there are no map updates for the Sat Nav since 2014/15. To see if there is an update put you VIN number...
0 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Brian Reay[_4_] July 10th 18 01:45 PM
When changing engine oil, I've always drained the old oil by the old fashioned method of removing the sump plug. However, I'm aware that some 'quick oil change' places (and may be others) suck the old oil out using a pipe into the dip stick hole/tube. Plus, the early Smart Cars (the 450's) didn't have a sump plug (although a mod was available), and the standard service method was to suck...
7 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
john west July 9th 18 11:23 AM
I know this is likely the oldest of Chestnuts. But with Chemistry advancing on all the time, has their been recently any developments with someone producing a good screen wash? I thought i had brought a good one, but it just leaves smears and some kind of film when it dries, however strong i mix it. I know the Chauffeurs years ago only ever washed and dried their windscreen with water. But...
102 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
[email protected] July 9th 18 09:31 AM
My daughter's 2010 fiesta is the first car we have had with aircon, it needed regassing at 3 years and again at 6 years, now it's not working so I wonder is it worth buying a re gassing kit to top up and check pressures? Is there a way to check if the compressor shaft seal is leaking, or indeed any other leaks, other than a pressure drop AND/OR soapy water? AJH
11 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Brian Reay[_4_] July 8th 18 11:17 AM
I promise I would report back when I'd used the vacuum bleed kit. I used it this morning, before it got too hot!, to charge the fluid on my wife's Smart Car. As suggested (I think by Mr Cheerfull), a bit of grease) was applied to the threads of the nipples. I cleaned them, applied some grease, (without removing them), around the point where they enter the cylinder. The only, minor, issue,...
33 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Stephen July 6th 18 08:56 AM
Hello, I need to buy some new tyres and I'm a bit confused about what to buy. Is there a way to find out the manufacturer's recommendations? My handbook just says 215/55R16 but doesn't give load and speed ratings. At the moment I have 97Vs on but for all I know, it could be the original tyres were of a different rating. When I was looking at tyre web sites, they only had 93V or 97Y.I'm...
13 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
Stephen July 4th 18 06:33 PM
Hello, You may remember that I posted recently about a spilt intercooler hose on a 60 plate Ford Mondeo 2L diesel. I took the car to one garage for a quote. Whilst there I mentioned that the coolant seemed a bit low and they opened to filler to release the pressure and check the level. They offered to do a pressure test.
15 uk.rec.cars.maintenance (Car Maintenance)
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punk September 30th 12 05:36 PM
Does anybody know if there is any manufactures in China? Something akin to Caterham?
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